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If you would like an effective and powerful distance healing or personal life guidance session from the Elven and Goddess realms, I highly recommend contacting David Bower. David is an intuitive and gifted healer and a loving messenger for the Elven and Goddess Light. Below is an excerpt from his website. Please click on his logo to read more.

Private Consultations
I am available for private guidance sessions focused on finding and following your heart's desire and consciously creating your life.

The non-physical guides I work with currently are the Elven Council of Light, featuring eight elven teachers, and a Goddess council known as The Ring of the One. Yet, depending on the client, I may also interact with archangels, female disciples of Master Jesus, individual Goddess energies, and other patterns of light. My sessions are conversational in nature and vary from client to client. We begin wherever you desire and then follow the path that unfolds before us. more...

Elven, Lemurian & Goddess Healing Sessions
I offer long-distance healing sessions in three forms: Elven, Lemurian and Goddess. The Lemurians were master healers, and much of their healing wisdom was based upon eons of Elven experience. Over the last few years my Elven teachers have been guiding me in the application of Elven healing techniques. In addition, the Chancellor of Lemuria, Mufa, appeared during one of my meditations and offered to assist me in any long distance healing work that involved Lemurian techniques. Most recently, with the awakening of so much Goddess energy around the world, I have found individual Goddess energies as well as councils almost insisting that they work with certain clients in their healing journeys. more...

David is also the moderator for

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